How to Conduct an Available Name Search for Your Texas LLC

Learn how to conduct an available name search for your Texas LLC. Ensure your desired business name is unique by checking the Texas Secretary of State’s online database and following their guidelines.



When embarking on the journey of establishing your business in Texas, one of the first important steps is to conduct an available name search for your LLC. This process ensures that your chosen business name complies with state law and is available for use. Here's how to do a name availability search to set up LLC in Texas

Understanding the Importance of a Property Name

Check Before delving into the processes of forming your LLC in Texas, it is important to understand the importance of doing a proper name check. This first step serves several purposes: 

1. Preventing Legal Issues: 

Doing a name check helps you avoid potential legal complications by ensuring that a business name of your choice is distinctive and does not infringe upon existing trademarks or collaborations. 

2. Establishing Brand Identity: 

The name of your business plays a significant role in shaping its brand identity. A thorough name availability search ensures that you can establish a unique brand in the market. 

3. Compliance with State Law: 

Texas, like other states, has specific business naming laws. Making sure these rules are followed from the beginning simplifies the process of forming your LLC. 

Steps to Create a Name in Texas 

1. Head to the Texas Secretary of State's Website: 

The Texas Secretary of State website is your primary resource for conducting a name search. Visit the Business Commercial section for equipment and accessories. 

2. Use Name Availability Search Tool: 

In the Business Commercial section, you will find the name availability search tool provided by the Texas Secretary of State. This easy-to-use tool allows you to check if the LLC name you want exists. 

3. Enter Custom LLC Name: 

Enter a custom LLC name in the search tool. It is advisable to include variables and acronyms to broaden your search and ensure a complete result. 

4. Review the Search: 

Once you have registered your LLC, review your search results carefully. The tool will display any existing collaboration with a name or name very similar to yours. Pay close attention to any conflicts or similarities. 

5. Check Name Availability: 

After reviewing your search results, ascertain whether the desired name for your LLC is accessible for use in Texas. If the name is unique and not already used by another entity, it likely exists for your LLC. 

Tips for Choosing a Name for Your Texas LLC Distinction: 

Choose a name that will set your LLC apart from other businesses in Texas. 


Relevant: Choose a name that reflects the nature of your business, values, or services you provide. 


Avoid Prohibited Content: Make sure your LLC name complies with Texas law and does not include prohibited content without proper authorization. 


Consider Future Expansion: Choose a name that will enhance the potential growth and expansion of your Texas LLC. Completing Your Texas LLC Name and Submitting the Application 

After confirming that your preferred LLC name exists and verifying compliance with Texas law, you can proceed with completing your business name and filing your LLC application has been sent to the.

1. Application for LLC in Texas: 

Complete the necessary paperwork to establish your application for LLC in Texas, including the official application form. Provide accurate information and comply with all filing requirements. 

2. Enter LLC Texas: 

During the application process, specify the LLC name you selected and make sure it accurately represents it. This step complicates the identification of your business in government records. 

3. Texas LLC Filing Fee: 

Be prepared to pay the Texas LLC filing fee associated with registering your LLC. Filing fees vary and may change, so it is important to check the current fee schedule provided by the Texas Secretary of State. 


Conducting a name search is an important step in forming an LLC in Texas. By following the steps and considerations outlined, you can ensure that your chosen business name exists, is compliant, and lays the foundation for a successful career. Remember to prioritize uniqueness, relevance, and compliance when choosing and finalizing your Texas LLC name.