How Well Can Social Media Promote Books?

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Undoubtedly, the explosive growth of social media has shaken up the book promotion services landscape. It's opened up ways for authors to communicate directly with their fans and target readers. You'll see a promotional boost when done well, but it's not a given and requires the right approach. Celebrities with millions of followers and adoring fans can promote books only on social media and count on brisk sales. It's different for most other authors who must integrate their posts with a broader book marketing program. Reaching target readers in multiple ways is always beneficial.

The cardinal rule of promoting books with social media is to start early. Sophisticated algorithms generally support building followers progressively over time. Therefore, when you begin well in advance, you'll give yourself the needed time to amass a significant following. When you build rapport with people online, they are more receptive to your messages, including news of your book's publication. You can gently work in mentions of it as you post with exciting information. Because no two writers and their followings are alike, you'll need to test the water with various posts to see what works.

How often should post is one of the most commonly asked questions about social media. The trick is to fall within the sweet spot of being present but not over-posting. Most marketers agree that several times a week works well and not more than once daily. Posting too often can annoy some people and cost you, followers. It's also likely that your post quality diminishes when you say too much. Authors are seen as knowledgeable and respected, so you want your social media persona to uphold your image. When followers build rapport and connection with you, they report and share what you say.

What are the best social media posts to promote a book? Authors naturally wonder about it, and there isn't an exact answer. One of the reasons for starting early with your social media accounts is to test the water and see what works best for you – and your followers. Over time, you'll know what to say to respond best. Depending on your genre, PR people also advise you to steer clear of divisive topics unless they are the topic of your book. The purpose of social media for book promotion is to engage as many people as possible. You want to avoid turning off potential readers.