Bitdefender Security Solution

If you're reading this, chances are you're looking at a computer screen. Just kidding, using your computer on the Internet without robust and reliable security protections is like driving down the highway at full speed without brakes.

Many solutions claim to be products that can keep your computer safe. Yet most are bloated, complicated, and can do more harm than good. As an IT professional for over two decades, I have tried and used many security products with varying degrees of success.


I recently upgraded my laptop and installed Bitdefender as my preferred security software and haven't looked back. auto binary signals I used to have an alternative but over time it didn't work well. It is still falling and the price is slowly increasing. After trying several options, I landed on Bitdefender.


It's free


The best aspect of Bitdefender is that there is a free option for their antivirus scanner that lets you get started right away. The free antivirus option is easy to install. Its scanning is fast and provides real-time protection and warnings while browsing the Internet. I also found the notifications that seem to be understandable. It's one of the best solutions and you can't beat the price.



VPN solution


If you're a regular listener of sister blog/podcast Security In Five, you know that I'm a big proponent of using a VPN. Bitdefender has a VPN solution that ensures you can browse the internet anonymously without your ISP or anyone else spying on you. The Bitdefender VPN solution allows you to use it on up to 10 devices, which is the most I've seen so far. It ensures that they don't keep any traffic logs, which means no one can go back and see where you went, not even Bitdefender. Finally, it has more than 1,300 servers worldwide, which means you can easily bypass any geographical restrictions and appear as if you are browsing from anywhere in the world.


A secure VPN solution is not accessible. However, the price is one of the cheapest. Starting at $2.50 per month, you can exponentially increase your internet security and privacy.


Total security suite


Once you've seen how fantastic the entry-level offering is, Bitdefender has a Premium package that will give you complete protection for your computer. There is a cost involved, but in today's world we have to realize that achieving the highest level of security and privacy also comes at a cost. When it comes to security software, you get what you pay for. Bitdefender's premium security suite includes multi-layered ransomware protection, priority support, and unlimited VPN access. In addition, advanced parental control is also offered as well as fast performance and advanced real-time detection of threats and vulnerabilities.




Bitdefender provides a wide range of security protections to help keep your computer, data and identity safe. See what they can do for you and see if they're a good fit.